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Latin Grammy pop star schedules Portland stop at 2005 Komen Race For The CureŽ

PORTLAND, Ore., May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Latin rock icon Soraya was diagnosed with breast cancer over five years ago. This summer, she will join tens of thousands on Sunday, September 18th, at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland for a special acoustical performance at the 2005 Komen Portland Race for the CureŽ.

The post-event performance and autograph-signing will be Soraya's first live performance in the Pacific Northwest following the release of her highly- acclaimed new album, El Otro Lado de Mi (The Other Side of Me). Last year, Soraya won the 2004 Latin Grammy in the new and prestigious Singer-Songwriter category for her album Soraya, beating out such living legends as Joan Sabastian, Juan Gabriel, and Joan Manuel Serrat.

"Soraya brings extraordinary visibility to a disease many women -- especially those in our Hispanic communities -- still don't want to talk about, or don't believe will really happen to them. She inspires women to take control of their own breast health by sharing her own personal survival experience and life-saving message," says Chris McDonald, Executive Director of the Komen Portland affiliate.

While the overall breast cancer mortality rate has steadily declined over the past decade, the mortality rate for minority women has not declined at the same pace. Among women of Hispanic origin, breast cancer is more frequently diagnosed at a later stage when fewer treatment options are available. A recent study, however, revealed that when Caucasian, African American and Hispanic women were provided equal access to high-quality mammography screening, all groups had similar rates of breast cancer survival.

"This performance is a great way to celebrate the lives of the men and women who battle this disease. Breast cancer doesn't know race or age or socioeconomic status. Yet mortality rates for minority women are higher than for Caucasian women," says Soraya. "Everyone deserves a fighting chance to survive this terrible disease."

Throughout the rise of her career, Soraya's music has been praised for its timeless melodies and thought-provoking down-to-earth lyrics. This is the story of a young Latina singer-songwriter who crossed over into Adult Contemporary with her bilingual songs and modern sound -- a woman whose distinctive and sensual voice has led her to be called the Latina Sarah McLachlan. This is also the story of a rising star whose ascent was abruptly halted by a diagnosis of breast cancer -- a disease to which she lost her mother, aunt and grandmother. And this is the story of a brave woman who, against all odds, beats the illness and returns triumphantly to the stage and a Grammy-winning career.

Soraya is attending the Portland RFTC as spokesperson for livingwithit.org, an online, bilingual resource created by Sanofi-Aventis for woman dealing with breast cancer.

About Komen Race for the CureŽ

In 1983, Nancy Brinker created the first Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the CureŽ in Dallas, Texas with 800 participants. Today, the Komen Race for the CureŽ Series is the largest series of 5k runs/fitness walks in the world. This year, more than 1 million people are expected to participate in a Komen Race for the CureŽ.

In addition to raising funds, the Komen Race for the CureŽ Series is committed to educating the public about early detection, the best way to survive this life-threatening disease. The five-year survival rate is 95 percent when the disease is discovered while still confined to the breast.

The Komen Race for the CureŽ Series helps raise awareness of the importance of a positive breast health program -- monthly breast self- examinations for all women beginning at age 20, clinical breast exams every three years beginning at age 20 and annually at age 40, and annual mammography beginning by age 40.