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Name: Stirling2010
From: USA/Virginia
Like all things in life that are truly rare, we only can touch for a moment...God gives us each one the gift of life, what we do with that life is our gift to God. Soraya so pleased God. Soraya's example makes me embarrassed that I have not done more to fight the good fight for other. From this point forward I will try. Soraya touched and continues to touch our hearts as she touched the strings of instruments, sometimes strong and fierce and at other with the light touch of a poet. For all of those who miss her, carry on her work in her name and you will feel that touch again.
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Name: Paula Marie
From: Michigan
When I had first come across the video, Como' Seria', by Soraya I can't explain it but all I could do was listen. Understand this,...I don't speak enough Spanish, or do I understand most. Yet for some reason Music always caught my attention when there's some heart felt meaning behind it,...and again as I said,...I became enchanted by Soraya Beautiful voice. Well then(feb/05),...unti l June,08,... did I finally remember the song title, and found who sang it in the video(Soraya). Again my Heart stoped with just a short gasp of breath,...? What was this,...? It read,...Soraya 1969-2006. Just coming to realize that this Beautiful, Gifted, Angel had sent me that song, and at a time my heart needed healing. I thank You,...Soraya. I may have never stood in front of you on stage while you performed,...yet I feel apart of you is with me because of your wonderful music,...that you gave so freely with all your Heart. Please hug my Loved One's, and tell them I Love Them & Miss Them. "ANGEL SORAYA"
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Name: mi yo y jo
From: who even knows really
Just read her biography another beautiful individual ripped from yesterday in rest we try and in peace you live soraya
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Name: katrina
From: united kingdom
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Name: Dptvalium
From: México
Es tan dificil de creer que una persona tan valiosa, talentosa y a mi parecer de pronto desperdiciada, ya no este con nosotros. Recordemos que antes que los dizque bombazos de la mercadotecnia: Ricky Marketing y Shafira, estuvo Soraya muy por encima de ellos y sin tanto bombo y platillo logro conquistar el mundo. Ella fue una artista en toda la extensión de la palabra y realmente se le extrañara, aunque en contraparte nos ha dejado un gran legado musical.
Por Siempre Soraya!!!!
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Name: razo
From: philippines
thank you...
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Name: monique
From: hutchinson,kansas
i loved your music and you were so beutiful, if you wernet dead i would come to your house and have you adopt me i wish i could of had a mother like you.xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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Name: carina
From: argentina
Hola. Como a todos los amantes de Soraya, su muerte me conmovio y cada vez que la escucho me pone muy triste saber que no esta mas fisicamente entre nosotros. Queria preguntar si alguien sabe si existe un banner de ella para hacer donaciones a su causa de lucha contra el cancer. Para que su muerte no haya sido en vano, quiero ponerla en algunos sitios web y que la gente tome conciencia. Gracias.
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Name: Kathryn Bontia Gorman
From: New Jersey
Today is March 10th 2008 and just a few hours ago I heard the sad news that Soraya had passed away on May 10th 2008. I was shocked and devastated and strickened with disbelief. I met Soraya in the third grade! Even at the tender age of eight, she was beyond her years. To me she was my bestfriend, and I will keep her in my heart forever!
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Name: Luis Carrión
From: Peruvian, in Amsterdam, NL
Well...I first heard Soraya when I was working in a record store, several years ago... precisely, when ¨En esta noche¨ came was inmediate love (at first heard)...and Im not talking only about ¨De repente¨...her whole first album was such a fresh style, the meaningful...such talent. Soon, I learnt she also had released an English version...and asked an English friend to get it for me...since then, I stayed always alert, till her second work ¨Torre de Marfil-Wall of Smiles¨ one of my favorites by her. Anyway....some time later, I stopped working at the record store, and little by little lost touch with the musical, I missed the release of her third album ¨Cuerpo y Alma-I´m yours¨...and also missed the news that she had been diagnosed with cancer...actually, it wasnt till after she made her thriumpant return, with ¨Soraya¨, that I heard about her again...and could only sympathize the time, struggling far from home, didnt have much access to new music...but still enjoyed listening to the CD´s I already had...

Later on, thanx to the internet, was able to start looking for information about her, and also about her work...learnt about her Grammy, about her newest album, ¨El Otro Lado De Mí¨ and about her changes in style....different, but still beautiful....and then one sad day, my mother gave me the news....She had passed away.

Felt very sad, and even cried...for the time I missed...for never having a chance for meeting such a special person....for the loss we all latin people had with her departure...for this incredible woman...fully talented, and filled with courage, who taught us all lessons of love and courage.

Her story really inspires me, through hard times...and her music always accompanies me. She´ll always be my favorite singer, not only for her beautiful voice and style, but also for her beautiful lyrics, and her ability to transmit the same beautiful messages in even three different languages...never saw an artist who would do that. In my opinion, she´ll never die.

Many thanx for starting this page, a tribute to a very talented, corageous, honest woman and artist.

Claps to her, who must be delighting the angels with her voice.


l .uk
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