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Name: pat
From: belgieum
i dident now her so well as selena but wat i heardt en read sche was a kind and talented woman verry brave indeed i can only wisch sches in heaven with selena like angels to wath over us
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Name: Simca
From: Holland
Six months ago i saw a picture of Soraya with the numbers 1969-2006 over her photo. I had never heard of her. Than i started to look up more information about her. I saw videos of her performing on stage, singing and playing the guitar, i heard many songs and saw interviews. I was just so drawn to her. I cried myself into sleep for the first two weeks because of her passing. I also read her book. She really was an amazing person, so talented, so warm, so kind and generous and my god so beautiful. I wish i got to know her sooner and i wish i could have met her. Today she would be 40 years old. I miss her a lot. Soraya, you're in my heart forever.
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Name: Christopher Mackin
From: Helena, Montana
I bought Soraya's first CD kind of by accident many years ago. I'm sure many others can relate to falling in love with her music at first listen. Her songs are so powerful and her voice is one of those rare voices that speaks right to your heart. You immediately know that she is singing with all of her heart and soul. That CD was and still is one of my top 5 favorite ones of all time. Unfortunately I didn't know much else about her other than that she produced albums in Spanish and English. I lost touch with her music for several years as I was out of the country for a lot of that time. When I got onto google to find out if she released any new CD's I was absolutely devastated to learn she had died of breast cancer. It's been a long time and I always find myself during times of introspection, going to her website and listening to her music. I lost my mother to breast cancer at an early age and I find Soraya to be an amazing inspiration. Her music and the profound effect she has had on millions of lives with it and with her charity work will last forever. I'm so sad you're gone.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Iliz
From: Austin, Texas!
I love Soraya her music was really good and actually gave hope. I hope she truly rest in peace and that sites like this keep her memory alive. Soraya will always live in our hearts!
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Name: Willina
From: Massachusetts
Soraya means alot! Not just because she risked her life for breast cancer but although she was a great woman with alot of hopes and dreams, and I think that she should mean alot to all of you. Soraya, you are a hopeful, comppasionate, and loyal person. We will never forget you. ...
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Name: Kelly
From: Florida
She means a lot to me because my aunt now has breast cancer and she's very sick with it and she's basically fighting for her life and fighting the breast cancer SORAYA MEANS THE WORLD TO ME

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Name: Bert
From: Novato, CA
Thanks John, for turning me onto such a beautiful soul. Discovering her now, through you, means so much to me, especially since I'm soon to marry a beautiful Colombian woman. This gringo needs to learn the "language of the heart", mucho...

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Brandy
From: TN
What a story! I have never heard of her until today. She had a great voice and obvioulsy, a geat connection, with her fans! There are so many artists these days, who do not care about their fans at all. Its very sad that this beautiful individual was taken from the world so young and in that way. She is and will continue to be an inspiration. Bless you Soraya! And rest in peace! Thanks for the music!
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Name: Ally
From: New York
Although I had never heard of Soraya until last year when my Spanish teacher asked me to do a research paper on her, I will not forget her story. Her spirit will truly live on forever. It seems as tho Soraya was an amazing human being and she definitely used herself to better others and make them more aware. I wish I could have seen her in person tho and I someday hope to read her book so that i may understand the woman behind the music.
I do wonder tho how much truth there is to any celebrity's story. No person can be as good as they are made out to be...we all have one is perfect. I still have complete respect for Soraya and mean everything I wrote previously, but I just don't know what to believe and I feel it is wrong just to flaunt the good one person did when there are so many others that have done the same or more, but have not become famous.
Corageous acts live in the small towns, suburbs and big cities, but are rarely discovered and publicized, or sometimes not until after that person has passed.
I wonder, are corageous acts really that much more corageous after death?
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Name: carol
From: Ga
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Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 2:24 am Post subject: a Message from Soraya...

---------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- ----

Hi Guys:

I realize that the silence surrounding Soraya during recent months has been frustrating for everyone. In the past, these periods of silence were a sign that we would soon be rewarded with the magic of our dear Soraya’s art. Unfortunately, this time, things are different... Soraya’s health is in critical condition and although she has an immense desire to live, her strength to fight grows weaker each day.

This is a difficult moment for everyone and today, more than ever, we must join together and send her the same positive energy that she has always given us.

She has sent the following words:

================ ==================== ==

[b]The road hasn’t always been easy; however, I have learned that when it comes to some things, there is no other choice than to embrace whatever path you are on. Regardless of my path, hopes, dreams and expectations have never failed to be present. In those dreams you have been unconditional accomplices, sometimes walking by my side, singing with me or carrying my message of hope to places I have been unable to physically reach. For this, I am eternally grateful.

You have given me so many gifts. I thank you for the privilege of performing for you, through my songs or at my concerts, where your applause lovingly crept into my heart. I thank you for the privilege of writing you as it brought me much clarity, and even though I have been quiet for some time, all the while, the pages of my internal diary have been active. As I have gone deeper into myself in search of my inner soul, my only truth, what I’ve discovered is that my spirit has been rewarded deeply by some of the stories many of you have shared with me through emails or letters, by some of the experiences we’ve had together and also through personal thoughts that were the fruits of your generosity.

Lately, my diary pages have ceased to be internal. I’ve tried to share all I can, deeply and sincerely, in a new written work that I hope will be the answer to many questions that have not been elaborated on or answered as of yet. The ability to write my memoir has reinforced the fact that although material compensation is necessary for everyday living, spiritual rewards are the ones that have truly allowed me to live life, joyously in the way life is meant to be lived – where we live just for the sheer sake of living.

Thank you for opening your hearts to my music. Had you not lent me your ears my songs would be merely dreams. My art has always been pure joy, lovingly created because of you and for you. I hope that my songs and my book will allow you to feel, think, appreciate, question, yearn, and especially, love.

My journey today is not easy. Still, as I write this, I am at peace, and everywhere around me I see and hear harmony. All is as it should be because I know I am incredibly fortunate in so many ways. My dream to create music that moves people as well as my dream to communicate a mission that would change people have been realized. I can say with certainty that I have fulfilled my dreams and today, I cannot ask for more. This enables me to move forward even now, with hope, and without fear.

My mission began as a dream and became a reality because of you. Today my voice is no longer a lonely cry; it grows everyday through your voices. It doesn’t matter whether we’ve had the opportunity to smile face-to-face or not, each one of you have been and will always be a blessing to me.

My physical history may come to an end, but I am confident my existence will leave its mark for the future benefit of many women. I am comforted that the light from my life will shine on many more families. Today I have not lost this battle , no pain is felt in vain, because I know my struggle will help overcome a greater battle, that of early detection and prevention against this terrible enemy. The essence of life lies in transcending through others. By offering the value of my experience and my struggles I hope to lift up many more voices. We still have not reached the goal, but I know we are closer to it every day.

Now it is up to you to continue with our mission. I hope with all my heart that my love for life has caught on and that you will become a means of communicating this message to many people whose lives may be saved. Please, recognize this opportunity you have now to stop an enemy that can end your life. Don’t give up! The road ahead is a long and this is a battle worth fighting.

“… When the only sound that breaks the silence is your beating heart,
In between the pounding you will find who you are. . . ”

Con amor

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